Moving west along Acland Street, I stalked my prey from window to window. But with an avalanche of choice, how could I decide which delicious baked item was perfect for me?

Whizzing by my face were crumbly biscotti, glistening eclairs, decadent croissants, and lavish cupcakes. But after the forth bakery, I had made up my mind: a raspberry tart would rock my world.

“I’ll grab one of those, please,” I asked, indicating a tart.

“No worries,” said the baker, moving to the cabinet. “That’ll be seven dollars.”

I moved quickly through shock, then confusion, then indignation: I’d been eyeing tarts all morning, and they’d been significantly cheaper! What made this tart more expensive?

I was fixated on the price, and I didn’t consider why it had been set that high. If I had asked the baker, he would’ve explained the unique approach to creating the tart shell, the time spent sourcing delightfully fresh organic ingredients, and the revolutionary baking process.

All in all, the tart was a piece of art. I just didn’t realise it.

(And it was absolutely delicious, by the way. I wouldn’t change a thing!)

What influences the price of a video?

When you commission a video project, there are a number of things that influence the price.

Time is a big factor, especially in between filming and delivery. Tight timelines and expedited delivery will increase cost.

The logistics (a.k.a. who, what, and where) can raise or lower costs depending on how complex they are. A (commissioned) actor demonstrating how to tickle a (hired) tiger in a (rented) circus tent will be more expensive than filming with your head sales representative, demonstrating a product you’ve manufactured, in your beautiful show room.

Some production requirements for television commercials or broadcast documentaries mean spending time planning and finessing every shot, to ensure they’re perfect – because you’re paying significantly more to distribute it – so you want it to be good. They can also influence how the file needs to be delivered – it’s not a case of drag and drop – it’s highly specialised.

But the biggest cost to consider is opportunity cost. This is the cost of you, or your business development manager, or a marketing team member needing to produce a video project instead of growing your company. Our clients trust us to produce high quality work, and, importantly, take the responsibility off their hands. We’re video producers who understand what you need – and do it. It’s that simple.

Take it from someone who completely misunderstood a tart in a suburban shop window: price is a complex thing. And you would see this when it comes to your work, and how much you charge, because you know the true worth of what you provide and the value that you deliver to your customers. When people look at your offering, they might see an expensive tart – but it’s so much more than that. We get it.

If the bottom line is front of mind for you, we’re here to help. Contact us, and we’ll show you how we’ll make an impact to your business.