Today, I’m going to discuss the idea of “branding” vs “your brand”. There’s a nuanced difference between them, and I find myself explaining this regularly.

“Branding” vs “Your Brand”

When organisations approach us to create video content, we’re are often asked to ensure there’s a lot of branding present in the videos.

By “branding”, I mean walls of logos, product shots, explicit branding for the organisation.

I don’t rage against this in every case, because there are some videos that are suited to straightforward branding. What I want to develop in you, is an idea that there’s more to “brand” than just “branding”.

To do this, I’m going to share two short videos with you. These are both sports based examples, but what we’ll discuss is relevant to any industry.

So, give one or both of these a look! There won’t be a quiz, but please do think about why I’ve asked you to watch these.

Building identity

Having now watched one or both of those videos, there’s there’s one key thing I want to zero in on:

There’s little-to-no literal branding throughout these videos.

However, these videos clearly demonstrate each organisation’s values, and their brand identity, through the stories.

And they are great stories.

These brands have embraced their community, and are demonstrating that they care and invest in them.They value people, community, and they provide opportunities.

And because we show this, there’s no need for aggressive shots of branding, on t-shirts, logo boards, or items; their brand shines through.

Ask yourself:

  • What positive stories does your manufacturing company have because of the products you produce?
  • What impact has your aged care organisation had on your clients?
  • Your educational institution has made a huge difference in the lives of your students; have you shone a light on these?

We’re here to discuss your ideas – or bring ideas to you. All it takes is to start the conversation.

Brand association with emotive, empowering, thoughtful stories is powerful. “Brand” versus “Branding”: no logos required!